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What’s there to gain,

outside of your comfort zone?

Constructing something new

Are you currently in the process of learning something new? Starting completely new projects oftentimes make us feel like “babies”; once again. A student of life, taking yet another leap of faith. How does that feel for you? Do you perceive this as a negative feeling? Let me share with you my perspective on it.

I am happy to share with you that Phytoria exists exactly 1 year, this month! This will be celebrated. Last year, I was completely new in building up a business; let alone running a holistic practice with 1:1 consultations. At times, the “new” felt overwhelming to me; feeling on the verge of drowning; contemplating giving up on it all. A struggle I still deal with sometimes.

Building up a new project is rather difficult. Though simultaneously, it is also positive in a way. You see, while working hard, we acquire persistence; reason to be proud of ourselves. A way to attend to our self-love. With time and especially patience, we earn more experience, getting better in a certain field. Besides, we don’t have to create reinvent the wheel. Having the right guidance, set of people and mentors around you; is getting you easier to the next level.

Do you see the adventure in your urge to keep learning and stepping out of your comfort zone? Precisely this is what makes me feel like I'm really alive.

Feeling alive, that's where happiness lies. Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens.

What project, or projects, are you working on right now; in which you feel a “newbie”? Are you able to see the positive side of its process? Do you allow yourself to ask for the help you need?