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What does it mean

to be going with the flow?

Core values

In a sense, you could see waves as life. You see, if I apply pressure at a subsequent moment, I will not be going with the natural flow of the water. My splashes are therefore don’t get very high. But do I carry out force at the moment when the current is stronger; then you see the tides collide with my feet, creating a higher splash with ease. This is what is called a synergistic effect.

You might see this as a metaphor for a synergetic effect of yourself and how you stand in this life. For example, you could compare the height of the splashes with a certain energy that you put into connection with other people. You might relate it to dreams and goals you set for yourself in this life. Or the way you deal with stressful situations; in which the height of the splash would represent the potential of life lessons that can be learned from such experiences.

Recently I myself experience a deeper dynamic in connection with others. And that starts with the energy from my core; how I treat people in this world, all people. For how I perform one aspect, I try to perform all aspects in life. My aim is to treat everyone as much as possible, as I would like to be treated myself. My core values are central here; being friendly, adventurous, trustworthy, open, honest, with a touch of humour.

Have you ever considered your core values?

How do you deal with (un)known people around you? Is this similar to the core values of how you interact with your loved ones? How do you address the cashier at the supermarket? With what degree of respect do you treat the server?

Audio credits: Tomás Cortes Mallebrera – Remnants of a whole III