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Brave the cold

Brave the cold

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Want to give your immune system a healthy uproar and brave the cold? You may have already heard of one of the most famous techniques:


The Wim Hof Method (WHM).


A training program consisting of breathing techniques that provide increased oxygen levels, in combination with cold exposure and meditation. I myself apply his meditative and breathing techniques passionately. Several times a week I undertake a complete cold shower, after a good workout. Winter dives in natural waters are phenomenal to me. And it's also wonderful to walk barefoot through the freezing cold, after a mighty sweat lodge ceremony during the Laad Ons Festival. Let me tell you, this sensation made me feel like I was floating over the grass in this winter wonderland.


The brilliance of braving the cold every now and then? The beneficial effects on the body are scientifically substantiated! Studies show that WHM influences the immune and nervous systems. It appears to induce optimism and improve sleep, depressive symptoms, and mindfulness. In addition, according to various studies, WHM can be used in cases of lowered immune system. For example, think of inflammation and autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis, arthritis and rheumatism. Source reference available on request.




Are you also getting excited? But not sure how to handle this? I can support you in breathing techniques, meditation and braving the cold. Feel free to ask me about the possibilities in a FREE introductory meeting. Book it right now at my Contact Page. Who knows, you might soon be taking that New Year's dive!




Photography credits: @remcohomanphotography

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