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For over 8 years I have been working with holistic healing, personal development and seeking purpose. In addition to many life lessons that support me during my work, I have been trained as Bachelor of Science (BSc); and I preform my job as certified Herbalist (Phytotherapist) and recognized Therapist. | My story

Holistic health is my life passion; both in my own process as in my practice. In a safe and trusted environment, I share the path to control your mental and physical health. Your treatment in herbal medicine or personal development and sense of purpose is completely holistic, personalized and extensively scientifically substantiated. I teach you how to use plants safely to live healthier and more naturally, for balancing your physical and mental well-being. Moreover, I am happy to help you with questions you have about personal development and about life.

Holistic approach

Phytoria works holistically. This means that during treatment, we do not only look at direct symptoms, but to you as a whole; in physical, social, spiritual and psychological context. Therefore, you will be treated in fundamental interconnectedness. As a result, we not only address your symptoms, but also the underlying cause.

Science Based

Your herbal treatment is scientifically substantiated. You will receive advice in herbal remedies with active ingredients, that influence the functioning of your body systems. Moreover, you will receive simple and practical techniques in the field of personal development, which you can use a lifetime. This synergy makes Phytoria's method ironclad for you.

Your treatment

Based on your preferences, we will put together a personalized treatment which completely suits you. For example, consider trajectory Complete Deluxe, the combination of trajectories Herbal Medicine and Personal Development. Stress management plays an important role in your treatment; together with optimization of your lifestyle, rhythm, nutrition and sleep. Moreover, psychoanalysis is integrated holistically, with focus on reconnecting with yourself and expression of your authenticity. Moreover, attention is paid to becoming conscious of and to utilize your values, strengths, qualities and personality. In your treatment, evidence-based techniques and influences will be used, from Psychosomatic medicine, Psycho-Cybernetics (cognitive behavioral therapy) and other methodologies, such as the Be-Do-Have Model.

(Well)being with nature

Trajectory Herbal Medicine

Help! You have (urgent) acute or chronic complaints and you want support in physical well-being through herbal medicine, today. A treatment plan will be drawn up especially for you, so it can bring your physical and mental well-being into balance, in a holistic way.

When encountering everyday physical indications; such as a reduced energy level; lowered resistance; forgetfulness; low-grade aches; inflammation; allergies or autoimmune disorders; skin problems; headache or migraine; ENT complaints; digestive problems; sleeping problems; unwanted fluid retention or edema; difficulty losing weight; severe hormone changes or menstrual complaints; pain in joints or muscle pain; decreased libido; other intimacy issues.

What do you receive?

Transform your life in 12 weeks

Trajectory Personal Development

Through consciousness analysis, you learn to recognize and transform obstructing patterns. You will gain knowledge about the neuroplasticity of our brain and you'll learn how to apply practical techniques holistically. Let's embark on a journey towards freedom, (self)love and emotional balance.

When experiencing physical discomfort in combination with mental blocks; such as the feeling of being stuck; insecurity, feeling unworthy or not good enough; loneliness; feeling misunderstood and different; depressed feelings; angry or frustrated emotions or outbreaks of unwanted rage or anxiety attacks; severe mood swings; perfectionism; no energy or zest for life; overstimulation or sometimes feeling overwhelmed by life; narcissistic people in your life; trouble saying “no”.

What do you receive?


Complete Deluxe

The best of both worlds! This is not only the most frequently chosen trajectory, but also the most complete. The perfect combination of the Herbal Medicine and Personal Development trajectories. Together, these methods provide a beautiful synergy. Which means that the effect of the collaborating methods is greater than the sum of the effects that each of these techniques could produce separately.

Are you ready for the transformation of your life? This is a priceless gift for yourself!

What do you receive?

Separate treatments

Would you rather have separate treatments? That is possible! This way you can also expand on your current trajectory*.

Intensive mentoring

1:1 Live Consultation*

[1 hour]

Receive answers to your questions about herbal medicine and/or personal development. Or dive deeper into the matter or technique, under supervision.

Tip: also expandable on your current trajectory*.

Deepen your plan

1:1 Follow-up Consultation*

[0,5 hours]

Learn to understand the matter better. This is your chance to discuss your received plan in detail. Including the opportunity to ask questions.

In this way you receive all elements to successfully apply the plan in your life.

Stay comfortable on your couch

Home Visit

[0,5 - 1 hours]

Instead of the consultation in the practice, you can stay comfortably on your couch, while I come to you.

Applicable to all 1:1 consultations, with the exception of aromatherapy; within a radius of 25 km from the practice.

A steamy course


[0,5 hours]

Smell turns out to be a more important sense than most people think. From various studies, aromatherapy seems to play a role in pain relief, richer taste experience, libido, depression, our immune system, our emotion, memory, and more.

How often have you associated scent with an emotion, color, affirmation, person or object? This way you can also tailor associations to what you really want and what works best for you. All the more reason to train your sense during this workshop in aromatherapy.

What do you receive?

Written module

Nutrition and
lifestyle advice

There is always extra profit to be made in the field of nutrition and lifestyle. I also wish you that new fresh energy with a portion of healthy zest for life; associated with upholding this advice. Instead of maintaining a strict diet, I will help you make food and lifestyle more fun. Think of it as a challenge, rather than an obstacle.

In addition to extensive information and nutritional advice, you will receive 5+ lifestyle advice that you can use for a lifetime. Including convenient daily menus. I take into account what you like, but probably will also introduce you to new things with which you can experimenting. In short, this advice can be a great gift to yourself, one of priceless value.

What do you receive?

Written module

Rhythm and balance
in 1 week

We all experience stress in everyday life, which makes it important to make time for fun and relaxing things. Do you want to know how to temper that monkey-mind in your head? Simply connect more with your body.

In this module I share a number of go-to activities, that together form a rhythm. In this module I share a number of go-to activities with you, which together provide more balance. By maintaining rhythm on a weekly basis, you will find that it becomes easier to deal with stress. Are you feeling instant stress? Such an activity can immediately counteract stress. This is due to the production of more happiness hormones (serotonin and dopamine) in the body.

By trusting in your driving force, you also build self-discipline. All these achievements act as proof for yourself: you are able to successfully complete various elements. And in the long term you will also notice that you can make other things successful sooner, because you can rely more on yourself. Contributing to a better self-image of which you can be proud.

What do you receive?

* any additional time and costs will be charged to you.

Herbal Medicine

Support for (urgent) acute or chronic complaints

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine – or phytotherapy – is the holistic way of healing based on plant knowledge. Phyto- finds its origin in the Greek φυτόν (phutón), the common name for plant. The healing method is formed by worldwide knowledge from medical traditions that the therapist manages to interweave with modern scientific research. Your symptoms are treated in a targeted manner, based on knowledge about human pathology. In addition, the therapist is competent in knowledge about medicinal effects of plants and herbal preparations (in the field of herbal pharmacognosy, phytochemistry, botany and aromatherapy).

Although your treatment is clinically and scientifically substantiated, at Phytoria we certainly do experience nature. For example, you can think of a walk through nature during a 1:1 consultation, or wildcrafting. The latter is also referred to as foraging, a practice where medicinal and edible plants are harvested in their nature habitat.


Aromatherapy is a form of herbal medicine, based on the use of essential oils from different parts of plants. The therapy consists of the safe application of essential oils, such as in carrier oil, vapor bath and inhalation. A wide-ranging study shows that inhalation of essential oils can help relieve pain involved in nerve centers and neurotransmitters. Of course, the effect of this will depend on the type of oil, dosage and the type of pain being treated (Nascimento et al, 2022).

To that end it becomes clear that smell is an important sense that exerts a lot of influence on physical and mental well-being. Providing a richer taste experience and less appetite for unnecessary quantities. On the other hand, a diminished sense of smell can lead to decreased libido and appears to play a role in depression. In that sense, it makes sense that smell has a direct connection with our immune system, our emotions and memory (Pause et al, 2001), (Kohl et al, 2002), (Rolls, 2005), (Seo et al, 2009).

For this reason, I offer a steamy course in aromatherapy, in which you can learn how you can train your scent and use it positively.

Ethics & Sustainability

We are all part of nature and work together in synergy. After all, flora and fauna depend on each other's existence. Flora produces oxygen (O2), which is essential for people and animals. Likewise, fauna emits carbon dioxide (CO2), essential for photosynthesis in plants. At Phytoria we feel a great sense of responsibility for the preservation and expansion of nature and flora. That is why the therapist only harvests holistically, locally and what she deems necessary. Moreover, a clean and untouched nature is of great importance for the quality of the products. Phytoria therefore opts as much as possible for sustainable quality, from local and/or biological origin.

behandeling treatment Holistisch holistic science based wetenschap


The therapist plays an advising role in correcting imbalances. Phytoria also offers support in physical well-being, with an aim to alleviate and calm your acute, every day and chronic complaints. This will increase your vitality and enhance your quality of life.

Based on your physical complaints and personal criteria, a tailor-made treatment is drawn up for you. Besides advice in herbal preparations, holistic attention is paid to your lifestyle, in rhythm, habits, nutrition, hydration, physical activities, sleep and stress management, social and spiritual well-being. Medication, supplementation, heredity and epigenetics are also part of this treatment.

Herbal preparations

Before treatment, it is first determined which therapeutic effects are suitable for your physical symptoms. Herbs are assigned based on your personal preferences. Finally, a personalized preparation is composed for you, you can think of:

behandeling treatment Holistisch holistic science based wetenschap

Personal Development and sense of Purpose

Take control of your self-image

Into connection with yourself through Consciousness Analysis

We all experience stressful situations from time to time, in which we initially feel emotions such as fear, jealousy or anger. The way in which a person deals with such situations is called a coping strategy, a survival mechanism. At the same time, our brain notices danger, which causes the production of "stress hormones" such as cortisol, acetylcholine, adrenaline and noradrenaline. The process takes place in the hypothalamus of the brain, where our hormones are distributed throughout the body via the pituitary bloodstream and the autonomic nervous system. This process prepares and primes our bodies for a fight-or-flight response.

Although this wonderful mechanism is essential in times of survival, it can cause physical (low-grade) complaints and energy shortage during prolonged periods of stress. In addition, the aforementioned emotions hinder our ability to react. We cannot (yet) process them, which is why we split them off into our subconscious. To the illogical event, our brain tries to link a meaning as logical as possible. As a result, we construct our own formed belief – our perception of the “truth” – according to the knowledge we have at that moment. The mechanism is in our best interest at that time. But if these unresolved emotions and limiting beliefs are too much in contrast of our authenticity, they can also hinder us further in life. As long as we aren't aware of this, similar events will continue to recur in our lives, as patterns that will emphasize the belief. You can read a concrete example of such a pattern in my story.

Through consciousness analysis, Phytoria helps you recognize and transform these patterns. You will gain knowledge about the neuroplasticity of our brain and you learn how to apply practical techniques holistically. These techniques originate or are derived from Psychosomatic medicine and Psycho-Cybernetics (cognitive behavioral therapy).


The neural pathways in our brains are plastic. This means that nerve cells – or neurons – have the ability to adapt and deform, for example by making new connections with other nerve cells. At Phytoria you will discover how to transform your limiting thoughts into new expansive beliefs. In this way you take control of your self-image, bringing you closer to your authenticity and core values. This will help to exchange your obstructing emotions for positive ones such as happiness, courage, trust, love, gratitude, peace of mind and sense of purpose.

Psychosomatic medicine

Do you suffer from vague complaints that cannot or are difficult to diagnose medically? Then I've got good news for you, because improving your health is certainly possible. Psychosomatic medicine engages with psychological factors that manifest themselves mainly physically. Psycho- comes from the Greek ψυχή (psuchè), meaning soul; and -soma finds its origin in σῶμα (soma), meaning body. Through exercises and meditations, you'll learn to get more in touch with your body, but to decide with inner vigor. This way we can tackle the underlying causes of your complaints and you will literally and figuratively feel better about yourself.


The cognitive behavioral exercises based on Psycho-Cybernetics (Maltz, 2015) are empirically substantiated. These are designed to support in regulating your self-image. You will for example find out what your talents and passions are and how to best pursue them. The methods will help to set, visualize and achieve your goals.

Be-Do-Have Model

You might have convinced yourself that certain traits are part of your identity. Perhaps because you've had them with you your whole life, or even for generations. But in what we just read about neuroplasticity; it becomes clear that you only have parts of your identity. You are none of these aspects. This principle provides the foundation for the Be-Do-Have Model. It helps you transforming limiting beliefs into innovative beliefs that make your life easier. In addition, the method is applicable to your emotions, core values, visions and lifestyle choices, but also to social, professional and financial areas. Know that you are capable of changing, once you won’t identify yourself with it anymore. You have the control to shape the thoughts you tell yourself. 

Once you've established your goal, we'll work on the following three steps: Be the change you want to see, do by taking action and have the sense of purpose.


Who is the person you would be that achieves the desired goal? Be the change you want to see. Simply make the decision to change right now. From now on, this decision is part of your new identity. With all everyday choices and decisions, you consciously choose what serves your core values.


Reframe the new version of yourself by doing, feeling and taking action on what this person would do. Your renewed identity and corresponding habits are determined by your commitment to change. Phytoria helps you to make this internal transformation easier. Now is the best time to start.


Once you have made the decision internally, change will become noticeable naturally in the outside world. You now know what you want and you have a clear vision in mind. Trust the process, with patience and dedication to your own values and sense of identity.

“When an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside, as fate. That is to say, when the individual remains undivided and does not become conscious of his inner contradictions...”

(Jung, 1959)

Rediscover your identity

Are these holistic ways suiting to your liking? I am happy to help you on your way to use your beliefs in a positive way, which strengthens your sense of purpose. Whilst we can't control the highs and lows of life, we can decide how to deal with stressful or overwhelming circumstances. We decide what to do with the time that is given us. Be the change you want to see, do and have the sense of purpose.

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