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Another day in the office

The plant practice

May I introduce you to “Matilda”? Funnily enough, she's the only plant in my practice with a name. Yup, proudly named after the brilliant movie Léon: The Professional. This beauty of an Aglaonema came to me when adopting it from a friend.

If you haven’t seen my eyes in this picture yet, look at them shining! The simple reason is because I have an absolute passion for plants. So besides mentoring people in personal development; it is only natural for me to grow as an Herbal Medicine Practitioner.

So what is it that I do exactly?

In my practice, I teach you how to use plants safely to live healthier and more naturally. For balancing your physical and mental well-being. Besides, I mentor people have questions about personal development and sense of purpose.

You might find added value in my work, when you encounter everyday physical indications. Think of reduced energy level; fatigue; lowered resistance; forgetfulness; low-grade aches; inflammation; allergies or autoimmune disorders; skin problems; headache or migraine; ENT complaints; digestive problems; sleeping problems; unwanted fluid retention or edema; difficulty losing weight; severe hormone changes or menstrual complaints; pain in joints or muscle pain; decreased libido; other intimacy issues.



Do you have physical complaints and want support in well-being through herbal medicine? Feel welcome in a trusted environment where you receive exclusive 1:1 attention during consultations. Check out the page Method, or check Trajectory Herbal Medicine.